How to Find Peace Where the Sparrows Live

I’ve often wondered how to find peace where the sparrows live and how the answer to that quirky thought compared to my life-long desire to discover and abide in God’s presence. Those who know me, know of my faith and love of nature. They go together like air and life-giving water.

God has proved (many times) that there is unexplainable refreshment waiting for us, even in the most trying times. We only need to seek and reach beyond the invisible curtain near every babbling brook or forest’s sunlit edge. These are tranquil places where, if we peer deeper through the golden rays, we might catch a glimpse of God’s light and love.

Want to know how to find peace where the sparrows live? It’s easy when a babbling brook near the forest’s edge is the perfect rest stop.

Where they rest is where He’ll be

When sickness, discouragement, or weariness threaten to steal the last trace of joy I cling to, I lace up my walking shoes and head outdoors. Within minutes, my smile confirms the medicinal value of a nature walk.

That’s where I lay my burdens down and let faith lead me to a place where calm and quiet replace fear or despair. If you ask me how to find peace where the sparrows live, I’d tell you to become an observer of the great outdoors. God is always faithful to meet me there.

Peace begins with a smile.

Mother Teresa

There’s something about trekking near a forest’s edge to admire how God not only clothes the grass of the field but transforms mammoth trees into havens and dwellings for many animals. Equally important, those same trees filter the air we breathe.

Whether a sparrow, cardinal, or finch; their sweet chirping draws me closer beyond a curtain of color. Again, I’m reminded how great God’s love is for you and me. If He cares for the least of these, clothes the grass and endless meadows, will He not clothe us too? (Matthew 6:28-30 ESV)

Why compare this outing to my quest to discover the depth of God’s love? He is the Way Maker.

God transforms ordinary trees into havens where sparrows and other animals dwell. Become an observer of the outdoors and discover peace that surpasses understanding.

3 ways I find the serenity that surpasses understanding

  1. Listen. When praising and seeking Him, (whether it be in song or silence) though immersed in the sights and sounds around me, I imagine all species of wildlife doing the same. After all, weren’t we all created to worship Him for His glory? (Job 12:7-10 ESV) (Psalm 96:11-12 ESV) His Word says we’re created above the animals and even the angels and yet all are part of His plan.
  2. Let go. My phone stays home (unless I want to snap a few photos). This is where I meditate on the glorious wonder of God’s creation. (Psalm 145:5 ESV)
  3. Slow down. I take my time. This is important. It’s not a power walk. I observe the surroundings with sincerity. The Lord delights in us when we praise Him. God might speak in ways we haven’t heard before.

Like daily bread, rest is for our good

I believe God works all things for the good of those who love him—and yes, that means rest too. I’m always working on everything I have control over—and sometimes it’s not for my own good.

Living life abundantly is one thing. Learning how to find peace where the sparrows live when we can’t control our circumstances is another. Some say it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. At times, it’s hard to find the strength to breathe, let alone breathe deep and exhale. Trusting the Lord has helped me navigate treacherous storms.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

. Romans 8:28 ESV

How to go from weary to restored

I’ve used these tips to find spiritual refreshment:

  • Ask for wisdom ~ and use that wisdom to encourage growth, truth, and maturity in others.
  • Seek biblical truth ~ even when it’s not the popular thing to do. God’s Word is a balm for our souls.
  • Look for hidden treasure in the little things ~ like a songbird’s call or a doe’s nod or stare.
  • Discover a deeper relationship with God, The Creator of all that is, was, and is to come. The more time we spend meditating on God’s word, the more we will understand His nature.

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein
“O heavenly Father, help us understand your ways. Show us how to find peace where the sparrows live.”

Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. 

Matthew 10:31 

Where do you find your song of peace, rest, and joy?

Now more than ever, I’m reminded how God’s eye is on every sparrow and how much He cares for you and me. We are His objective. His delight. He wants us to find rest and joy. I find my song in Him. The treasure hidden in the simple things of life is all icing on the cake.

When I pray and ask for the wisdom to move me closer to God’s Will for my life, to lead or guide me in all my weakness as He did for His Son, Jesus, I believe the One and Only God of All Creation not only answers my prayers, He shows me how to find rest where the sparrows live—and he refreshes my spirit in the process.

Most days, it’s not about Him answering with a yes, no, or maybe—And sometimes, it’s how heaven’s reply might come from nature, and maybe even on a songbird’s call. “I am with you always. Cast your burdens on me. I care for you more than the least of these.”

Therefore, I believe with all my heart. He is The Way. The Truth. The Life. We can find peace where the sparrows live…They’re in my Father’s hand.

Dear friends, have you ever wondered how to find peace where the sparrows live?

Where do beautiful winged creatures and other wildlife find refuge from treacherous storms throughout the seasons? We are all God’s creation. His children. Two-legged or four.

And what’s more? Our Heavenly Father delights in us even when we flit around on our daily routines. He watches over and provides our, and the least of these daily needs.

So, if you ever ponder questions (like me) about finding peace where the sparrows live, we only need to look to the one who planted every tree and hung the stars and calls them by name. Our deepest rest is in Him. Eternally.

Wishing you joy, blessings, and rest in Him always,


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