How do we honor god and country?

It’s that time again – we celebrate our independence this month, then we start to choose up sides in the political arena. “Mine is better than yours” and “How can you vote for him or her?” and the even better “How stupid are you?” And it’ll only get worse over the next year and a half.

Really, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, Christian or not. We all have our own ideas and beliefs. And that’s fine. What’s NOT fine is insisting that if someone disagrees with us or our choices, we must hate them. Or they have to hate us.

That’s not what this country was built on.

The first phrase in the Declaration of Independence says, “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen States of America.” Thirteen states united in what they wanted. Not arguing about non-essentials but asking for independence as one.

Since then, our selfishness has led us to believe that we’re entitled to whatever we want, no matter what anyone else wants or needs. The government was never meant to take care of us, but some folks feel that it’s their right.

The only “inalienable Rights” we have, as stated in the Declaration, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Not the right to BE happy, but the right to PURSUE happiness. However, not at the expense of others.

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were talking about. There were arguments in the Continental Congress over what issues should be included in the Declaration, such as slavery. But they realized that the most important issue was gaining independence from England. The Revolutionary War had already begun, so they focused on succeeding at that.

These days, we have the opportunity to honor God and our country by praying about our choices, educating ourselves on the issues and candidates, and being able to explain the logic of our selections. My parents would vote along party lines without knowing anything about those running. It was good for their parties, but not for their convictions.

God wants us to honor him by being good stewards of all the opportunities afforded us, including our voting. And we honor our country the same way.

Let’s use the brains we were given and have trained to think. And please, please, PLEASE honor each other in the process by respecting our differences.

So what does it mean to honor God and country? nt 1; \lsd