He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He loves me.

     He love me not.

          He loves me.

               He love me not.

                    He loves me!

Many daisies have given their lives in the name of love, so we could pull out their petals one by one. Well, maybe that didn’t have any effect on the relationship, but they sure gave me – and a lot of other teenage girls – hope that some unsuspecting boy would eventually become Prince Charming.

And after years of hearing and reading fairy tales of distraught princesses and charming princes coming to the rescue, we expected our own “happily ever after.”

Don’t know about you, but my happily didn’t last ever after. My first marriage ended in divorce and the second lasted only until my husband’s death. Even though we were happy, we didn’t get that ever after.

There are many kinds of love. We may have children, siblings, parents, or extended family to love. And if they’re not around, we can cultivate friends, and not just to fill time.

My church family is just that – a family. We love each other, look forward to being together, plan things together, and help one another. My closest friends are those I met at church. We then found shared interests and grew our relationships.

And we can learn to be happy alone or with others. I hope to live many more years, but I’m not looking for another husband. Recently, I celebrated an obscure holiday called Satisfied Staying Single Day. And that’s what I am – satisfied to stay single.

I have many friends and family to love, so I’m never really alone. Whenever I want someone around, it takes only a phone call or a short car trip and I can get all the love I need. And that love can extend to just about anyone.

You can do the same. Whether you have a special someone in your life or you spend most days alone, share your love with others. Love is one of the few things that grows as you give it away.

I have to admit – even now, as a single-again adult, I still pull the petals out of any daisy that comes my way. Even though in my head I don’t want to get married again, in my heart I’m still wishing for my happily ever after.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

Ah, forget the daisies! I’m surrounded by love, and that’s what matters.