Happy Fathers’ Day, God!

Some fathers are good; some are bad.

Some fathers are loving; some are not.

Some fathers are good providers; some are not.

But no matter what kind of father you had, you can still have the best father in the world. Well, actually he’s out of this world!

My biological father was the second choice in all those sentences above, so I had a hard time thinking of God being my Father. I wanted someone better, someone who would love me no matter what I did or said, and who would stay by my side through all that life threw at me.

You know what? That’s exactly what God is.

I’ve bounced back from so many things, folks call me the Queen of Resilience. I’m also known as a Weeble®, you know, those egg-shaped dolls that wobble but don’t fall down? That’s me – I may wobble for a while, but I won’t just lie down and take it. I bounce back.

And through all the sicknesses, losses, and trials I’ve faced, there has been one constant in my life: God has always been there with me, holding my hand and making me feel safe.

Even when I’ve asked him for something and he replied with a resounding NO, I still felt his presence. It’s like when a child wants something but Daddy knows it wouldn’t be good and refuses the request. The child might be mad at Daddy, but inevitably there’s a reason for the denial, maybe something better on the horizon. As the child gets older, he or she may learn that Daddy’s plans were better.

When my husband was dying of cancer, I pleaded with God to save him and cure him, but the answer was No. I was angry and yelled at God for months after, until I realized that going through that experience was God’s way of preparing me to help others on the same path.

My heavenly Father knew when my husband would die. He prepared me for life after Bryan and the many lives I would touch through it.

It’s so good to know that, although my biological father wasn’t great, my true Father is the absolute best. And I can honestly celebrate Father’s Day because of Him.

Thank you, God. And Happy Father’s Day!