Gratitude is Always in Season

By April Dawn White

I am blessed to live in an area of the country with four distinct seasons. Garden flags, front door wreaths, and table quilted table runners are displayed for their specific season. Each season possesses a unique purpose; winter a time for rest, spring a time for rebirth and summer a time for growth. Autumn, is a time for harvest and gratitude. However, over the course of the past year(s) God has taught me, gratitude is always in season.

Gratitude is Always in Season.

“I want my old life back,” I sobbed on my husband’s shoulder.

“Yesterday, I felt good and went on a brief walk. My fifteen-minute walk caused over two hours of muscle weakness and paralysis. Today, my entire body hurts.  This disease sucks.”

My beloved of twenty years inched closer to me. He knows I needed a compassionate listening ear.

“I wish I could have my old self back just for one day.”

Sipping his own mug of liquid mercy, my husband asked, “What would you do?”

“I would run. I miss the feeling of my heart pounding in my chest, breath-synchronized to the rhythm of my pace, and sweat on my face.”

He laughed, “I guess I’m lazy because running does not sound fun to me.”

“After running,” I said, wiping my eyes, “I would play soccer with Andrew and softball with Rachel.”

“Now, that sounds fun,” my beloved whispered in a firm hug.

For that reason, I sat alone in my red chair reading Scripture and praying.  Peace replaced the sadness I felt earlier. It is amazing what time with the Lord can do. Thank you, Lord, for the peace, Amen.

Placing my coffee mug in the sink, I studied the kitchen chalkboard sign. The chalked verse and mini pumpkins have been in place for seven months. It is now spring. These pumpkins are leftovers from two seasons ago. I examined each pumpkin for signs of decay, but the pumpkins are just a firm as the day I received them.

Pushing back the darkness that lingers with chronic illness, I read the verse: In everything, give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Gratitude is Always in Season.

The mini-pumpkins decorating my kitchen counter are out-of-season along with the candy cane Christmas kitchen towel, but gratitude is always in season.

Friend, are you stuck in one season hoping for another? Me too! As we journey together let us not forget that gratitude is always in season.

~April Dawn White

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April Dawn White

April White is a pharmacist who dispenses spiritual medicine for a healthy soul. She is quick to say she doesn't have it all together but relies on the One who does. Drag your chair next to April's red chair and allow hope and encouragement to infuse your heart. April has a BS degree in biology from James Madison University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University. Email April or visit her at

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  1. “Friend, are you stuck in one season hoping for another? Me too! As we journey together let us not forget that gratitude is always in season.” Amen! Love this, April! Hugs!

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