God Will Come Through for You

God speaks.

He instructs.

He guides. And sometimes those steps don’t make sense.

He makes promises.

He keeps His promises. But sometimes the wait can be long.

He comes through. 

And then we look stupid. Our doubts and fears end up having been a waste of time.

A year ago, my wife and I agreed God was stirring our hearts—speaking to us. We slowed down, sought Him, and began to hear His instruction.  We felt guided to leave a pastorate and a church we loved to go start a new ministry. Now this is nothing new, God calls His people to make new steps all the time. Some of you have even been guided to make even crazier steps, but for us this direction from God felt impossible. While I pastored, we’d been blessed to live in a parsonage. So leaving the church meant needing a home.

The guidance of the Lord sent us a few hours away. We moved in with family. We obeyed and took the step—no job, no home, no income.  God immediately blessed—providing my wife a job, and opening doors for this new ministry. But moving out and getting a house seemed impossible. Before the move and ministry change, we had prayed and prayed. The Holy Spirit had whispered to both of us that God would provide. He would take care of us, and work it all out. Sometimes I believed that to be true. As the year went on those days became less and less. Every single day I worried and was extremely anxious about the house and provision for our family. Most days I “circled” it in prayer. There was a lot of hurdles and it didn’t seem possible. There would be days when ministry doors would open, and then days when they would close.

But literally everyday I worried about how it all would work out. I would leave my quiet time encouraged and with confidence in God, but by mid-afternoon the worries returned.

This past Thursday I followed my pattern of anxiety, but then Friday came. Before we went to bed Friday night we had a new house under contract. All of my worries had been in vain. God had promised He would come through and He did.

That was Friday. On Saturday when I opened up my prayer journal—I felt so foolish. Why had I worried? Why did I doubt? Why had I been afraid? All of that anxiety and frustration was stupid. If God calls us to do something, He will provide. If God makes a promise, He will come through. Time after time in my life He has. But I still haven’t let it click. Maybe, just maybe, I will remember not to worry. I hope i remember how silly I feel after God keeps His promise.

I hope this post encourages you to take that step and trust God or to keep waiting on Him to come through. At a low-point in this journey a friend of mine, David Sanford, brought me to tears with a post of how God came through for his family. Please check it out here.

Jake McCandless

Jake McCandless is a pastor, author, and speaker for Prophecy Simplified from Arkansas. Through Prophecy Simplified Jake seeks to bridge end-time prophecy to everyday life in the lives of Christians across the country. His first book, Prepping for Our Spiritual Doomsday, releases spring of 2017 with WND Books. You can find more of Jake’s writings at his sites www.prophecysimplified.com and www.graytotebox.com, as well as, in regular columns for Almost an Author and the Baptist Press. Jake enjoys the outdoors, but more than anything he would rather be on a date with his wife Amanda or playing Barbie’s with his daughters Andrea and Addison.

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