God Will Always Provide

by, Amanda Goodroe

When I tell people I am going on the World Race, many times the first thing they say to me is, “Wow! You’re going to be on TV?” Nope. That’s the Amazing Race. Great TV show, but I don’t think there’s a million dollars waiting for me at the end of this race.

Their next question is usually, “How much does something like that cost?” I dread this question, because their response is always the same. When I say $15,500 jaws drop and I can literally see the disbelief in their eyes shining back at me.

Anyone who has ever had to raise money for a mission trip knows the struggle this can be. I have been on several mission trips, and no matter how long your trip is or where you are going, fundraising is not easy. Raising money for one plane ticket to Africa is hard work, but raising money to travel to eleven different countries seems impossible.

One thing my friends and I have been encouraging each other with lately is to pray specific prayers. We have been thrilled to see doors open, new jobs gained and direction given. I’m not sure why we were surprised. God constantly exceeds our expectations. When I began to pray about fundraising for this trip, this scripture came to mind:

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

When I felt called to this trip, the money I knew I would have to raise honestly wasn’t the first thing on my mind. I know from past experience that if the Lord calls me to do something, He will provide. But when deadlines begin to approach and ideas don’t work out, fundraising becomes a source of worry. I honestly wish I could say that I never doubt. I wish I could say I am always full of complete confidence, but I’m not. Sometimes that number staring back at me on the screen scares me.

But God is able. This is what I remind myself when I feel discouraged. Not only is He able, but He is able to accomplish infinitely more than I could ask or think! I am constantly amazed about the nature of this trip. I thought my journey would begin in September, or maybe in July when I attend training camp. But my journey really began when I was accepted to go on this trip. The Lord is teaching me new lessons every day. I am learning how to trust Him more and that His plans are infinitely better than mine. I am reminded that God is faithful, regardless of how I feel about the situation.

I have complete confidence in knowing that God will do infinitely more than I could ask or think. This takes the pressure off me and my ability! If you are facing an impossible situation, I hope this verse will be a reminder that God is faithful and He is able.

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Amanda GoodroeAmanda Goodroe is a senior at Louisiana State University studying Mass Communication with a focus on print journalism. Amanda went on her first mission trip at age 16 to Costa Rica. This sparked a passion for other cultures and people groups around the world. Beginning in September, she will spend 11 months traveling the world as a missionary and will be blogging about her experiences traveling the globe with only a backpack. Amanda enjoys reading and drinking as much tea as possible.

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    1. AND, I can testify to this reality. When God gives a vision and we take steps of faith in that direction, He brings on the provision in full, exceeding all of our expectations!!!

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