For The One In Need

“I know that the Lord upholds the cause of the needy.”


Nearly every day as we drive home, we stop at a corner that is filled with homeless men (and occasionally women) asking for money or odd jobs or food.

Most of the time the men hold signs that say something to get your attention. Some of them are so witty! Others are a little gruff. A few more get right to the point. And then there are the signs that rip your heart in two.

Today I read one of those signs.


Anything helps.”

As I stared at this man’s sign, I thought how right he was. NEED. Nothing more to say. 

NEED. Anything helps.

He holds this sign for food and a place to stay. A job if possible. 

NEED. Anything helps.

I hold this sign for direction. For a purpose just coming together. For a God of rescue to come through for me again.

NEED. Anything helps.

A friend of mine holds this sign in a battle of fear. It’s nearly taken her down before and this time she’s fighting the good fight. She holds this sign up to a God who has power even over death.

NEED. Anything helps.

Someone very close to me, related to me even, holds this sign over his addiction. It’s a daily struggle. A minute to minute wanting. He holds this sign before a God who continually has angels bow before Him, shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

NEED. Anything helps.

Yet another man I’m getting to know more and more each day, tells a story of being so overwhelmed he sweat blood while praying in a garden. The cup given to him seemed too heavy to drink from. He was learning obedience. He was suffering for redemption. He held his sign before a Father who was making a way.

NEED. Anything helps.

I don’t know what you are holding your sign up for today.

But I’m thinking of you.

I know the One who is able.

Bring your need to Him.

He comes through.

It’s kind of His thing.

Kristen Schiffman is big on tea lattes, old music, and organic faith. Her online radio show Talk 21 is set to launch in January 2012. You can find her at or @OnTalk21.

Christa Allan

A true Southern woman who knows any cook worth her gumbo starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day, Christa writes "not-your-usual Christian Fiction. Her debut novel, Walking on Broken Glass in 2010 was followed by The Edge of Grace, which released in August of 2011. Love Finds You in New Orleans will be available in early 2012. Christa is the mother of five children, grandmother of three, and teacher of high school English. She and her husband Ken live in Louisiana, where they enjoy their time between dodging hurricanes and anticipating retirement.

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  1. Wow. Such a beautifully poignant post about something we don’t think about at times until we are confronted with it in a new way. I do know He saw my need today and heard my prayer and it was met. I am so thankful He loves us so very much.

  2. Yes… NEED… GOD will help! Does help! Is help!

    Thank you for the reminder!

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