Even When

“There is nothing you could say or do that would make me love you any less,” are the words often spoken from this mother to her children. Even when they rebuttal with “But Mom, what if…”

There are many what if’s in this life. There is only one child with that name, heart, and curiosity as this.

However, it takes more than one to make a family.

And there is always one black sheep in the flock. We laugh when they are not around, but it’s the good laugh—the laugh we share out of love. Because you all know who I’m talking about.

It’s the one person in your family that takes a different path. The family member who breaks the rules, embarrasses the rest of the your family, and sometimes disappears. Unless they want something, of course, then they come calling or knocking at your doorstep.

Time and time again you swear you’re not going to give them what they want. They cause too much trouble in your life, but soon as you open that door, you no longer see the black sheep. Instead you see your beloved family member who needs help and are reminded of the family ties you share.

“There is nothing you could say or do that would make me love you any less.”

Then comes the question, “Even if I destroyed your favorite book?”

“Even if you destroy my favorite book.” Is the reply.

“What if I stole all your money?”

And again, the reply, “Even then.”

“But why?” Is the question.

“Because while I do not like your actions, you are still my beloved. You are the one I brought into this world and I will always love you.”

We have all stepped into the prodigal son’s shoes at some point in our lives. We leave home, test the boundaries outside of our families, and search our hearts for who we are to become. During this time, our family’s ties are never broken. Invisible, perhaps, but always there. So that when we return, like the prodigal son, a great celebration awaits us.

Susan Lower

Susan Lower is a thrifty, creative, adventurous gal who loves black raspberry ice cream and chocolate. She's married to an awesome guy who calls her beautiful and has three great kids who call her Mom. She serves on the board for the St. Davids Christian Writers' Association as their conference director and when she's not writing, you'll find her with a good book, taking a family adventure, or in her craft room at www.susanlower.com.

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