Empty Boxes

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ox1An empty box represents a curiosity of the unknown to the observer.
An empty box could represent the remnant of an exhilarating gift that brought great joy to the receiver, or it could represent an action that never manifested to its completion. Like a gift that never made it from the sender because of a great tragedy that stopped the completion of the gesture.

An empty box could represent someone who just moved from their friends and family and the emptiness of the box symbolizes their empty heart. A room full of empty boxes could be seen as an ocean full of emotions that represent actions and reactions.

The emptiness of a box brings images of joy or the reality of emptiness. We either see the empty box symbolizing joy or grief based on our perception of our own reality. We alone determine the value of the box and the significance of the emptiness it represents.

Do we see potential in that box or do we see the fear of loneliness in that empty box. The box is a mirror reflecting our best or worst qualities back at us. The emptiness of this life can dilute the way we see our own potential. It can create insecurities that seem to have no end, and it can create a desperation that nothing in this world can quench. It is a problem that seems to have no answer or solution when it is presented to us.

The quandary of an empty box is that it will remain empty until someone fills it. We can see an empty box as the end of a journey or the beginning of a great adventure. It is up to us to determine the meaning of our emptiness and the meaning of it in our lives.

Jesus was the answer to my emptiness that has filled me with great hope and joy. I noCourtesy of pixabay.com and fancycrave1 longer see the emptiness as the end, but I see it as the beginning to a new opportunity. I now see rejection as redirection. I feel complete in every way possible, because the one who saves all has saved me from the despair of emptiness we all find in our lives. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but what I do know is that I am full of great potential for tomorrow. I no longer see an empty box as the end or the death of hope and joy. I can now see an empty box as the beginning of a great adventure ready to be articulated by my enthusiasm for its potential.

Jesus simply changed the way I viewed myself in this life. He gave me His righteousness and covered my shame in His sacrifice. His hope filled my emptiness, and gave me the ability to fill the emptiness around me. When we are hurt in our lives, we become blind to hurt around us. When our hurt is healed, it opens our eyes to the needs around us. We can fill the emptiness in others, because we have been filled with the Lord. I am not simply given you encouragement, but it is hope with the path to Christ. It is the certainty of eternal security in a temporary world. It is simply Jesus.

The next time you see an empty box, ask yourself this very important question, “What do you see?”

Josh Clevenger

Josh Clevenger is a husband, father, pastor, evangelist, and writer. He has authored multiple books, and writes encouraging devotionals for his local paper. His ministry began by planting a new church in his hometown which further inspired his writing to encourage a broken and weary people. Josh’s desire is to inspire thoughts and bring the individual closer to Christ.

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