Disappointment: Not Making the Team

Disappointment and Rejection Forges Character

My husband placed the anticipated call on speakerphone so could all listen. The coach’s tone, warm yet measured, complemented our daughter’s skills and talent, “Unfortunately, we have to pass on Rachel. I’m sorry to say that because she is a good ball player… we hope she continues to play.” To our surprise, Rachel didn’t make the team.

My husband clicked off the phone and we sandwiched Rachel in a hug.

“Oh, honey!” I exclaimed.Image courtesy of Pixabay

“Are you okay,” questioned my husband.

With a genuine smile she remarked, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

My husband and I exchanged curious glances and we probed Rachel again,

“Are you sure you’re okay?  You know you can talk to us, right?”

Picking at her fingernails, Rachel shared,

“Mom and Dad, I think you wanted me to make the team more than I did. I am really okay that I did not make the team. I still love softball and I want to continue the batting lessons. I’ve decided I want to play for the middle school team again this year instead of trying out for the JV team.  I will get more playing time on the middle school team.”

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Rachel played on the middle school team this year and we encouraged her to try out for the travel softball team to keep up her skills in the off-season.  This was the first time Rachel tried out for something and did not make the cut. This substance forges character. Batting coach, Barry Woods, reminded Rachel that Michael Jordon’s middle school basketball coach cut him from the team and look where it landed him.

Although she did not make the team, the maturity level she displayed and the determination to carry on is a necessary life skill in every season.

Yeah, our daughter didn’t make the travel team, and we’re okay with that.

April Dawn White

April White is a pharmacist who dispenses spiritual medicine for a healthy soul. She is quick to say she doesn't have it all together but relies on the One who does. Drag your chair next to April's red chair and allow hope and encouragement to infuse your heart. April has a BS degree in biology from James Madison University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University. Email April or visit her at www.AprilDawnWhite.com

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