What Difference Can One Month Make?

One month. This last year of serving as a missionary was made up of 11 one-month adventures. Each month was completely different from the others. Sometimes I would stay one month in a country serving at a ministry and when it was time to leave, I suddenly wished I could stay for a year. Short term missions is often asked the question, what difference can you make in one week or two or even one month?

IMG_3429During my month in Japan this past January I wondered that same thing. I knew I was called to this trip and I know God has a purpose for my every step, but sometimes I feel like I can only do so much for a ministry in one month.

Am I really making a difference?

At the end of the month during our debrief time, many of the host families we stayed with came to say goodbye one last time. They prepared a beautiful dance for us as a goodbye present and prayed over us. Several people also got up to thank us personally. One woman spoke words that will stay with me forever.

“Even though you were only here for a short time, the impact you had was immeasurable.”

Immeasurable. That is the value of one month. We came to Japan without knowing what to expect. But we expected God to show up and He did. The people we met, the conversations we had and the way we served will have a lasting impression. I believe that our time in Japan was only the beginning of a drastic change in the country. IMG_3489

This brings to mind the question, what difference can you make in one day, in one hour? If you are open to the leading of the Lord and truly loving people no matter where you are or for how long, the impact you have will be immeasurable. I know this from personal experience. I met people on this trip and spent one hour or one day with them and they have impacted my life in a way that will stay with me forever. I hope to have that kind of impact on everyone I meet every day and for the rest of my life.

Amanda Goodroe

Amanda Goodroe is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in Mass Communication with a focus on print journalism. Amanda went on her first mission trip at age 16 to Costa Rica. This sparked a passion for other cultures and people groups around the world. In September 2013, Amanda left the States to spend 11 months traveling the world as a missionary and she is blogging about her experiences traveling the globe with only a backpack. Amanda enjoys reading and drinking as much tea as possible. To read more from Amanda, follow her blog at amandagoodroe.theworldrace.org

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