Decorating to Change The World, by Connie Norris

We can change the world as we decorate our trees and enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas!


While searching for or putting together our Christmas tree we can pray…


May our family and friends and church

be as trees firmly planted by rivers of Living Water,

bearing eternal fruit in every season,

our leaves never withering.

May everything we do for the expansion of Your Kingdom prosper.

While stringing lights…  

Christmas lights Pixabay

      Father God,

You are the Light of the world!

Shine on us and through us

so that we might lead those who are walking in darkness

to You!

As the star is placed upon the tree, or whenever we see a star we can pray…


may we walk with great wisdom,

leading vast multitudes to righteousness, shining like the stars forever. (Inspired by Daniel 12:3)

While preparing hot chocolate or baking cookies…

Making Christmas cookies Pixabay

Faithful Father,

may we be faithful,

our spiritual temperatures hot,

our prayers faith-filled and passionate

so that we may be effective in pressing back the gates of Hell

to break chains and set the captives free.


Does anyone else simmer cinnamon to fill the house with its aroma?

Cinnamon in a box Pixabay

 May we be as the fragrance of Christ,

consistently inspiring the senses of those around us

   so that they are drawn into Your Love.

 Whenever we hear a bell ring…

Bells Pixabay


please raise up a generation dangerous in their prayers.

We need this – oh, how we need this

so that the world might recognize You in the midst of this vast darkness.

 Jesus said, “I tell you that there is joy in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10 ISV)

So every time we see an angel, let’s unite our hearts in prayer…

Angel Pixabay


may the heavens and earth shake because of the great sound of rejoicing

as those who are lost repent

and open their hearts to receive Your Love.

Whenever we see a candy cane…

Candy canes and hot chocolate Pixabay

May the world taste and see that the Lord is good,

discovering the incredible blessings of those who take refuge in Him.

(Inspired by Psalm 34:8)

Wrapping gifts?

Christmas presents Pixabay

He was not born in a castle as a great king,

but was presented to the world

in all humility,

bundled in holiness

to teach us how to live and love

and to save us from our sins.

As each gift is opened in homes throughout the world,

may all draw near to You

with great reverence, recognizing that Christ was the best gift ever given to humanity.

Nativity set Pixabay

And in His precious and holy Name, we pray.



Connie Norris’ utmost ambition is to mobilize mothers to pray.  She has 91 Christmas prayer inspirations, along with a few Christmas crafts, at Connect with her on Facebook at

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