We all know about the organization Compassion International, but recently I’ve been considering them in a whole new light and hope you will too.

Growing up, my family sponsored a Compassion child. I took it upon myself to write her letters and can still remember snippets of what she wrote back to us. In one letter she informed our family that she used her birthday money to buy a coat for an elderly woman in her village. As a child, I wondered why. As an adult, I marvel at her generosity.

Later in life and my ex-husband and I sponsored a child. We had the money automatically withdrawn from our account. I didn’t correspond or pray for her very often. When Compassion lost access to her country, finances weren’t very good, so we didn’t take another child.

That is, until recently. A few months back I learned about how one family rejoiced and danced for days upon learning a sponsor had been found for their child. The thought gave me pause. I mean, how often are we given such a great opportunity to bless someone else?

Furthermore I learned that the letters were what the child considered to be the greatest treasure. Those letters restored the child’s view of his worth.

Suddenly I wanted another chance. Times are tough and many of us are facing uncertainty. Yet how amazing is it that we have it in our power to deliver someone else from that same sickening fear.

Last month, I became a sponsor and am determined to do better this time.

So here’s my challenge if you want to join me.

If you have a Compassion Child, will you take time today to write them and pray for them? No message is worse than being told you don’t matter. Let’s counter that message.

If you’re not sponsoring a child, will you click on the link below and tour the site? Who knows, perhaps God has an incredible plan waiting for you and someone else.

Sponsor a Child

Photo by Joshua MacLeod, Watermelon Ministries


Jessica Dotta has earned the right to wear the title of: Social Media Specialist, Consultant, Publicist, Brand Manager, Editor, Writer, Social Activist, and Business Manager. But the only titles that matter to her are: Called – Redeemed – Beloved – Known by the Father – Daughter – Accepted. . . and Mom. Her life has recently undergone a shaking—one that uprooted nearly every trace of her former life. You’ll have forgive her unconventional posts, as she’s still trying to work out her perspective. She knows one thing though. The most humble and worthy person she ever encountered lived in near obscurity—but sent ripples of change into the world. All because he took the time to care about each hurting person he met. He wasn’t Jesus, but he followed the Great Shepherd and left a legacy. She wants to follow that path.

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