Christ In Me, Directing My Life

Have you ever played What If?

What if I had gotten better grades in school, gone to a better college, or gotten a scholarship?

I wouldn’t have Maggie!

What if I had married my first love? What if I hadn’t married my first love? Okay, we’re not going there. We want to keep our marriages together, those who have one.

But, really, what if you had made different choices? What – or who – made you decide things you did or didn’t do?

You may not realize it, but if you have Christ in you, chances are He influenced your decisions. If He’s truly in you, he has the steering wheel and can turn your life in the direction you need to go.

I’m not saying God is in total control and that you have no say in the matter. But stop to think where you’d be if He hadn’t put someone else in your life so you didn’t go back to a toxic ex. Or who you would NOT have met if you didn’t go to that school, work at that job, or live in that city.

I recently stopped to contemplate those questions and many others and came up with some eye-opening conclusions:

  1. I probably would not be living where I am. My first love hasn’t moved west of the Mississippi, so I wouldn’t be a Colorado Rockies fan.
  2. I wouldn’t have had the experiences in theater, orchestras, and choirs that I’ve had. I might enjoy music, but not participate as much.
  3. I would’ve had different children and grandchildren. Maybe more or maybe none at all, which would be sad for me.
  4. I wouldn’t have the loving people in my life that I’m privileged to know.
  5. I definitely wouldn’t be driving a muscle car that my late husband bought six months before he died. Not a vehicle I would have chosen, but I love it now.

And stop to think about what you DON’T have that you might have ended up with. If you hadn’t left work when you did, you might have been involved in that multi-car pileup. Or if you had gone to that party, you might have caught a mysterious illness.

What if you’d eaten an entire orange before you realized you were allergic and ended up in the Emergency Room? Or if you’d wasted your expendable cash and not saved for that rainy day that came sooner than you expected?

Give it some thought. I’ll wait.




Was that an eye-opener? It sure was for me!

Okay, now let’s thank Christ for steering us in the directions He did. He knew what would happen today and prepared us for it yesterday and the day before, and the day before that, and the day before . . . Well, you get the picture.

I’m thankful that Christ came to help me live the life I have and get through all I’ve faced. How about you?