Change can be good and bad, but there is One who never changes.

“Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever,” Heb. 13:8.

I like change:
The kind my husband gives me because he doesn’t like it jingling in his pants pockets.
The kind that moves me out and away from a difficult situation.

I don’t like change:
The kind that makes me uncomfortable and requires me to        start over in something I’m doing or where I’m living.
The kind that makes me learn something new.

I like change, when summer changes to fall and winter to spring.
I don’t like change, saying good-bye to a loved one.

Life is full of changes–good and bad, easy and difficult, fun and not so fun.

One of the most difficult changes to endure is when people change, whether they change location and aren’t near us any more or change in how they act towards us.

But there is One who never changes, Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow as stated by the author of the book of Hebrews in the Bible.

He is the same One who:

  • created the heavens and the earth
  • made Adam and Eve in His image
  • was born of a virgin and lived on this earth
  • made the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear
  • stilled the waves and brought peace to the sea
  • died and rose again
  • ascended to heaven in the clouds as people watched
  • will come back to get us one day so that we may live with Him forever


  • He was a champion for women, orphans, widows, and the poor.
  • He cast out demons and rasied the dead.
  • He taught about the Kingdom of God.
  • He dined with sinners and reached out to the unloved.
  • He died on the cross paying our sin debt so we don’t have to pay.
  • He sits at the right hand of Father God interceeding for us constantly.

I love what John wrote, “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written,” (John 21:25).

Be encouraged today.
Circumstances may change, people may change, but Jesus NEVER changes. He’s the One we can count on no matter what we are going through now and in the future.


Scripture from the English Standard Version
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Beth Fortune

Beth has a passion for God's Word. Through her writing and speaking she allows the heartbeat of the Father to flow through her words. As an award-winning writer she’s a contributing writer with Christian Devotions and has had stories published in two "Chicken Soup For the Soul Book" Series in addition to other anthologies. Some of her articles have been published in Focus on Family’s "Thriving Family" magazine and Dr. Charles Stanley’s "In Touch" magazine. With a degree in Ornamental Horticulture she loves gardening and enjoys giving gardening talks to churches, schools, and community groups but her real enjoyment comes from sharing God's truths and encouraging others. She and her husband live in Mauldin, SC where they are in a season of caregiving for her father-in-law in the home. A diffiult season, but one in which God continues to show His grace. You can visit her at

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