The Power of Doubt

Doubt is simply self-testing. If you never doubt, you are simply following the crowd. Even if you’re following the right crowd, it won’t take much to steer you off course. Any argument from the opposition will sway you.

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Spring Flowers at Dawn

As I think of the mansion, the Lord’s prepared for you, I see it has a window to our hearts. When people ask,”What’s Christ done for me?” I mention meeting you in the square, Bible open

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A Magnificent Message in My Mail

Thankfully, that’s what happened. As I spent time with God, he gently but powerfully showed me where my focus had gone askew. He used a variety of creative reminders to help me refocus, but none so specific, and certainly none so consistent, as the “Valentine” I received–from God, I believe–each time I picked up my mail.

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