Bumps in the Road

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Last week on my way into town from our home in the country, I noticed a new sign on the highway: BUMP. Sure enough, in a few seconds I drove over a small bump in the road where a maintenance crew had been working.

“How wonderful to live in a state that cares enough about its citizens to put a sign on the highway, warning them of a bump,” I thought. “Now, Lord, why can’t You do the same for me? I’d like to know when a change is coming up in my life, so I can be prepared ahead of time.”

His kind but firm voice resonated in my heart: “Because if I told you before every bump occurred, you’d be worrying, then planning how you were going to drive over it, or take a detour around it. You wouldn’t trust Me to take care of you and keep you safe.”

Gulp. Nod. He was right.

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Planner that I am, I’d be mapping out fifteen steps to overcome each bump. It wouldn’t matter to me whether it was the minor irritation of a head cold or the major distress of a loved one’s death. Before each bump ever hit, I’d know exactly how I wanted to navigate or circumvent  it.

Notice the emphasis on the word “I” in the previous sentence. I would plan how to face each bump so I could overcome it by whatever method I thought best. Which requires no faith in my Heavenly Father to strengthen me, give me wisdom, and help me through my trials. Since it is impossible to please Him without faith (Hebrews 1:6), I’d be careening all over the road and sliding into ditches as I tried to carry out my plans. Finally, battered and covered in muck, I’d holler, “Help me, Lord!”

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He would rescue me, of course. He’s faithful like that. But I could’ve saved myself a truckload of bruises and a bale of grief if I’d simply trusted Him in the first place. And He understands that if I don’t know the future, it’s easier for me to trust Him.

So, never mind, Lord. I really don’t want to know what bumps are up ahead after all. You already know. You will get me through them like you always have before. And that’s good enough for me.




Jeanette Levellie

Irish redhead and former history teacher Jeanette Levellie is the author of four books and hundreds of articles, stories, and newspaper columns. Among her publishing credits are stories in Guideposts anthologies, CBN.com, and Country magazine. Jeanette is also a vocalist and speaker, splashing hope and humor on audiences of all sizes and styles. She and her pastor husband Kevin are parents to two adults, grandparents to three children, and servants to four cats. They live in Paris, IL., where the winters are frigid but the people are warm and friendly. Her hobbies include fitness, reading, and finding new ways to avoid housework.

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  1. Jeanette, what a fun, witty, and truth-filled article.

    I smiled as I read thinking how much we are kindred spirits. Yes, I’d map out every bump, how to maneuver safely over every one. And, more importantly, how to do it to make it most comfortable for me. 🙂

    The Lord surely thought through every angle we’ve thought of and decided against our foreknowledge. Shared on Twitter. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Too funny and too true. I had to get an immunization shot today, and I worried my way through the whole experience. My arm hurt long before the nurse walked into the room. The worry was worse than the shot. No doubt, I’d act exactly the same way if God gave me bump in the road warning signs. Yep, you’re so right. It’s better not to know too much ahead of time. Especially since some “shots” actually are worse than the worry. God is a wise, kind Father. We can trust in Him. Thanks for this great reminder.

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