Baked with Love

Christmas is my all time favorite time of year.

It’s filled with good wishes of holiday cheer and love. People become more generous and reach out to those in their communities and families during this special time of year. It’s also my youngest daughter’s favorite time of year, but for a simpler reason. She loves to bake. She loves sprinkles,icing, and everything sweet.

Christmas is sweet to her. She shares that love of something sweet, something sugary, and something baked with love with all those who come into her path in this month of december.

Who can say no to a sugar cookie?

Some of us may be groaning right now thinking of those ‘one too many’ cookies you’ve consumed over the holiday, and some of us may have avoided the sweet treat altogether for dietary reasons. Each year we exchange so many of these sweet cookies baked with love with our friends and family. We swap them with clubs and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

While sugar cookies are a far cry from the fish and loaves of bread that Jesus used to feed the multitudes, I think of them as a small tokens of love that we can share with those we care about.

A Christmas sugar cookie wouldn’t be a Christmas cookie without the right decorative combination of sprinkles and icing. Sometimes as I watch my youngest daughter go about her art of decorating these cookies there’s a secret message in the layers of creamed sugar and flavored sprinkles. I know if she could write on them they’d say much more than Merry Christmas. They’d say, I made these for you because I love you. I want you to enjoy them because you’re special. Savor every bite as I savor every minute God has given us together.

Love has a way of packing so much more meaning and appreciate for something so small, don’t you think? Love is the reason we celebrate, and love is why I hold this Christmas so much more precious then the last.

If you could write one word on a cookie this holiday season to express what this Christmas has meant to you, what would it be?

I pray it is something sweet.


Susan Lower

Susan Lower is a thrifty, creative, adventurous gal who loves black raspberry ice cream and chocolate. She's married to an awesome guy who calls her beautiful and has three great kids who call her Mom. She serves on the board for the St. Davids Christian Writers' Association as their conference director and when she's not writing, you'll find her with a good book, taking a family adventure, or in her craft room at

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  1. If I could write one word on a cookie this holiday season to express what this Christmas has meant to me, I would write “devoted.”

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