An Autumn Trip and the Makings of a Country Song

An Autumn Trip and the Makings of a Country Song

An Autumn Trip and the Makings of a Country Song, designed in Adobe Spark“Sadie is howling, whining, and acting crazy. It reminds me of a country music song.”

Autumn colors reflected in a fishing pond beside the quaint cabin. A family get-away for four in the mountains of Tennessee.

In trip planning, paw marks indicated a pet-friendly rental. The foursome included me and my husband along with Sadie, a female dachshund, and Big-T, a male pug. Pets we refer to as our “kids.” The little furry ones. Our real offspring include two grown adults, and not too furry.

A Whining Song

Sadie, a homebody (well, in this case, home dog), hates new adventures or riding in a vehicle. Traveling in a Chevy truck, she paced in the back seat whining with displeasure. She scampered from window to window, fidgety and antsy.

After arriving, she nervously investigated the temporary abode and refused to eat for hours letting her anxiety get the best of her.

The dogs and I spent our days at the cabin, while my husband rode his motorcycle on the local roads. So, Sadie spent her time on her last nerve and mine.

A Howling Song

Each night we put the dogs in the living room, in their own personal crates with cozy bedding. Dog-sleeping quarters we call “your house” brought from our own home.

Like soothing balm applied to wounds, the familiar often brings a calming peace.

Instead, Sadie’s howling commenced the first night like a death-howl piercing the dark. It was un-nerving! The pug eventually join in with whimpering language of his own. What’s wrong with her? Sadie upset her little brother.

My husband and I took turns getting up and scolding her, tapping the crate. “No! Go to sleep Sadie!” Each time the tapping became more forceful with sleep deprivation.

The experience triggered memories of crawling out of bed when my children were whimpering babies. No scolding. No forceful tapping on a crib; only tenderly and gently feeding, cuddling, and rocking with lullabies. And sleep-deprivation.

A Country Song

Our daughter contacted me by phone text to ask about our trip. As I typed the message about Sadie’s howling, whining, and acting crazy, I thought the words were fitting lyrics for a country music song.

An Autumn Trip and the Makings of a Country Song, designed in Adobe SparkBecause some country music lyrics, besides being about trucks and we have one of those too, sing about dogs or people acting crazy over something. Even when our friends were country music artists, we never pitched the song.

Still, let me say how I know the brink of craziness myself, just not over the same stuff I hear about in songs.

As Christians, earth is our temporary abode. One day we will travel to a heavenly home where we will spend eternity.

This present fallen world makes us anxious, nervous, whiny, and causes us to act crazy over some things.

Pacing back and forth within the windows of our soul, unfamiliar surroundings affect us to the point of being fidgety, restless, and uneasy.

Inspirational Song Lyrics

For the Lord your God is living among you.

    He is a mighty savior.

He will take delight in you with gladness.

    With his love, he will calm all your fears.

    He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT

[bctt tweet=”Our God is mighty to save. His love calms all our fears and He rejoices over us with joyful songs. @FridayKaren” username=”inspireafire”]

The best lyrics of a love song. Christ speaks words of peace to us. Applying the Spirit’s soothing balm to our deep wounds and restless minds.

[bctt tweet=”Christ speaks words of peace to us. Applying the Spirit’s soothing balm to our deep wounds and restless minds. @FridayKaren” username=”inspireafire”]

An Autumn Trip and the Makings of a Country Song, designed in Adobe SparkJesus calms our last nerve.

Never scolding, but softly tapping on our hearts, gently whispering, “Hush child and rest in me.”

And holding us in His comforting embrace while singing joyful songs as lullabies over His children.

God is living among us, His love calms all our fears.

Pictures are from our trip, layout and text designed in Adobe Spark.

Karen Friday

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