Diane Virginia (Cunio) is the founder/director of VineWords: Devotions and More, the co-editor/co-compiler of Love-Knots: Stories of Faith, Family, and Friendships (VineWords Publishing), and the author of The Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration into Song of Solomon (Mount Zion Ridge Press).

A Thanksgiving to Bond

One morning Izzy spent five minutes navigating the deck stairs, another five taking her place in the middle of the yard, to bark—once—at deer she saw over the fence. As the deer fled, she kicked her feet and marched back across the yard and back up the deck stairs, seemingly in slow motion. I wanted to help her but she wanted her independence. And so, I stood at the ready, but allowed her to have her triumphant moment…

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Homemade Bread

Like breadmaking, developing spiritual discipline requires effort. We have a choice as to how much time we are going to devote to our pursuit of God. We don’t earn our way into Heaven—eternal life is a gift from God the Father through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary’s cross. However, in order to experience the best life, spiritual growth must be intentional. This is not difficult when we realize the Bible is God’s love-letter to us. …

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