Diane Virginia (Cunio) is the founder/director of VineWords: Devotions and More, the co-editor/co-compiler of Love-Knots: Stories of Faith, Family, and Friendships (VineWords Publishing), and the author of The Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration into Song of Solomon (Mount Zion Ridge Press).

Rose Resurrection

My knockout roses had gotten the dreaded broomstick disease, and it was spreading amongst the bushes. I fought tears as I watched my rose bushes resisting the ropes that held each tightly onto the tow ball while the truck driver inched forward. With quick acceleration, each yielded, its root ball exposed, the rose bush toppled. Their former places now sunken, I asked workers to fill the holes with loose dirt. Sullen, I ambled across the garden, thanking God that at least not all needed to be removed and that the plague would stop. …

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Freedom to be Me

As we conversed, with the aroma of hot dogs and burgers wafting across the church fellowship hall, a teenager came by for a hug. I could see from the teen’s smile they’d conversed many times. A child scurried by, but when she saw Pam, she turned a circle to tackle her feet. Yes, Pam cared—and her Christian fellowship was felt by all. …

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