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“I’ve never heard God’s voice so why do so many people say they’ve heard Him”


God’s voice is very distinguishable but most people still claim they’ve never heard it. God doesn’t speak like we are expecting to hear. We are always listening for God to speak audibly to us and that is not what He is going to do most of the time.

We need to recognize that God speaks to the heart. He speaks to the heart because He wants to speak to you in a way that it cannot be altered, therefore He speaks to the part of the body that is able to be changed and will affect every part of the life. The heart was created as a distibution center that pumps blood throughout the entire body. Without proper circulation the body has disruptions in the way that it operates.

With that being said, God will speak audibly when He needs to, but that is when He is least listened to. When God speaks audibly, He does it through many people with prophetic messages or through other manifestational spiritual gifts. People, and some denominations, actually reject these messages and ultimately rob their lives of a word from God.

So first, the easiest way to hear the voice of the Lord is to listen to your heart. All of the Lord’s words whether audible or in the heart are going to tell you things that will either identify ways you need to change or edify your life or even identify directions in which He wants you to go. Again I reiterate that most people hear HIm and just don’t like what God is telling them.

What does God speaking to my heart mean?

Well, it means that God instructs by convictions for those that are saved and for the unsaved He speaks the need to get our lives in line with His will. We need to remember that God doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, He tells us what we need to hear.

God ministers to us and in the Greek “minister” means “to attend to needs.” You cannot attend to wants, but you can attend to needs. God speaks to whoever will hear and has ear to hear, and truly longs to speak to us all.


Because the Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9:

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? We need to be careful that what we think we are hearing in our hearts, lines up with God’s word. If our heart tells us for instance that we are to marry an unbeliever, we know that God’s word says not to be unevenly yoked, so we can reject certain feelings as not being from God but from ourselves. When the Holy Spirit talks to us, confirmation will follow and it will not contradict the word of God.

One more thing, God speaks to all of us and we fail to listen. There, I said it! We need to listen and not talk all the time. Prayer is for communication with God. If we always talk then we never hear.

I pray that this has blessed you and if you have questions send it in and I will do my best to answer it. God bless!!


  1. I’ve learned over the years to hear His voice in so many ways. Sometimes He whispers to my heart, and sometimes it’s almost an audible command. It isn’t heard with my ears, but the part of my brain that acknowledges what my ears hear. It was so loud, I turned round to see who said it, even though I knew it was the Lord. But if one wants to hear, one has to spend time with Him, learning His voice. THanks, Pastor Mike!

    1. Thanks for the honest article, Mike. So much truth here.

      Ane, this has happened to me several times. The voice so loud I am jolted and stop what I am doing. And you helped put into words what I couldn’t. It comes from a part of the brain, not the exact ear.

      Yet, some preachers say what happens to me doesn’t happen.

      I know it does. And I’m not special, just listening.

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