Adding Value to Grace

I’m currently listening to Bonhoeffer on audio book. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the man, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is best known for his role in the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. Bonhoeffer, a pastor, went through great lengths to explain how the killing of this tyrant did not contradict his Christian faith.

Herr Bonhoeffer is also well known for a book he penned, entitled The Cost of Discipleship. I will admit that I have not completed this rather heavy piece of theology. But what I took out of the first quarter or so of the book can be summed up as this: the modern Christian wishes to be awash in God’s grace without any undue inconvenience in his or her own life.

Bonhoeffer referred to this state of belief as “cheap grace.”

Yes, I understand that, here at Inspire a Fire, we try to keep it light. We are here to encourage our brothers and sisters and, hopefully, draw in those who are sitting on the eternal fence.

But, perhaps, therein lies the problem. I love a good hymn sing and potluck as well as the next tubby Christian. And I love writing posts that will brighten your day if things aren’t going your way.

But if I fail the other half of the equation, the constant pursuit of a holy God and the living of a life fully devoted to Christ and His church, then I have fallen short. And I am neglect in my duty to you.

Christ is not to be held in the fringes of our existence. He is to be our existence. And we best serve Him by serving His church and, in turn, one another.

In this time of Lent, we like to give up the simple pleasures of life. Meat, chocolate, even facebook. That’s all fine, but sacrifice of the flesh is only a small part of our service. I would suggest that you would be better served gorging yourself with chocolate between now and Easter, but finding a way to serve God’s church and one another.

You don’t need a mission trip to Haiti to fulfill this purpose. But each of us can find at least one small opportunity each day to serve. If you watch carefully, they will come to you.

I had intended to list out ways in which you can serve, but after some thought, I think that a bit petty. Anyone reading this knows, either instinctively or by the prodding of the Spirit, of someone who needs the love of Christ, manifested in some small–or large–deed that you are in a position to perform.

You have God’s grace. It is unlikely you’ll ever be asked to risk your life to fulfill His purposes. But grace need not be cheap. Add value to it every day. Starting with this one.

Share with us. Who can you serve today?


I am a husband, dad, Christian, and writer. Not necessarily in that order. It took me thirty years to turn my life over to my Redeemer. It's taken another ten to figure out what it is He has in store for me. My first novel, Now I Knew You, will be released in March, 2015. I pray that God will allow me to write many more before calling me home.

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