A Journal of Thanks

For several years now, I’ve followed a November tradition introduced to me by my friend, Cathy Strawhorn. It has changed my life. It’s a simple, but eye-opening exercise. Beginning November 1 and continuing until Thanksgiving Day, I journal five things a day I’m thankful for.

Now that might not sound like a life-changing event, but here’s the caveat: I can’t repeat anything I’m thankful for during that entire period of time. That’s what makes it life-changing.

Perhaps your prayers of thanks are often like mine. It’s easy to remember to thank God for salvation and family and food and lodging and jobs and money and church and health and warmth and friends. But what then?

What I discover year after year is that after about two weeks, after thanking Him for the obvious blessings of life, I’m suddenly faced with searching for the other many blessings that surround me everyday. The kindness of a stranger, the parking space in a crowded lot, an unexpected note from a friend.

When I force myself to truly open my eyes and notice those blessings He bestows day after day, I’m amazed at all I’ve been missing. I’m more in awe of Him and His love for me. And I remember…again…how blessed I am.

The journal can be online or you can actually create a handwritten Journal of Thanks, preserved as a testimony for generations to come.

So will you join me? Each day from November 1 through Thanksgiving Day, November 22, I’ll be listing five things I’m thankful for on Facebook. You can join in at https://www.facebook.com/vondaskelton. Or you can start your own on your own Facebook page. Or you can write it in the privacy of your journal.

It doesn’t matter how you keep a record, just take the time to really say…and mean…Thank you, Lord. You will be blessed and you will bless the Lord!

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Vonda Skelton

Vonda is a speaker, writer, and motivational humorist who is thankful God can take her messes and use them for His glory. She's the author of four books, owner of The Christian Writer's Den blog, and founder of Christian Communicators, an organization to help educate, validate, and launch women in their speaking ministries. Vonda and her husband have been married all their lives--and they're still happy about it! www.VondaSkelton.com

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  1. My not quite yet a believer newly wed daughter recently said, “Count your blessings” so I’m getting it from all sides ! Thank you and know your posting is on my list for today !!

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