6 Key Areas of Prayer for Christians

6 Key Areas of Prayer for Christians

6 Key Areas of Prayer for ChristiansWe often need reminding how God’s supernatural power and ability far outweigh human efforts. But we only tap into His ability through prayer. So, have you ever wondered what are some key areas to pray?

Because the world needs prayer more than ever. And people need prayer. I need prayer and I’m sure, so do you.

These key areas focus on praise, repentance, and drawing our hearts back to God as a people.

P – Praise a living and powerful God

Heavenly Father, I praise You. You alone are God and worthy of all glory. Splendor and majesty surround Your throne. I magnify Your holy and matchless name. I worship Your beauty. Because there is no god like my God.

All of creation declares praise to the Almighty God of heaven and earth! Holy is Your name! Since You are alive and well, it is well with my soul! 

R – Repent of sin in actions, words, and thoughts: Key Areas

Lord, forgive me for my sins. Sometimes I say, think, or do things unpleasing to You. I ask You to give me a desire to repent often and quickly. And help me repent of any missteps against You and others. 

Furthermore, forgive me for going my own way and relying on my own wisdom. Instead, I desire to seek Your counsel, God, and walk in obedience to You and Your Word.

In this present godless world, I pray for the humility to own my sins and make things right with You and others. I repent of any acts of injustice, dissension, discord, division, envy, jealousy, impurity, anger, rivalry, racism, or strife. 

Empower me to live godly in an ungodly culture. And strengthen me to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with You (Micah 6:8).

A – Acknowledge the Lord is in control

Father, the world continues to spin out of control. Chaos and a lack of peace surrounds the globe. But remind me that You are still on Your throne and in control no matter what I see, hear, and experience; no matter who holds earthly offices.

Because in an uncertain world, Lord, You are my undeniable hope, an unshakable anchor for my soul.

God, I acknowledge Your complete Lordship in my life, You sit on the throne of my heart. So, I hand the reins over to You. Then, You reign supreme. Help me lay down my agenda and pick up Your will.

Y – Yearn for the work of the Holy Spirit: Key Areas

6 Key Areas of Prayer for ChristiansHoly Spirit, You are welcome in my heart and life. Come commune with my spirit. Give my prayers an intimate connection to the triune God.

Overcome the works of the flesh in me and replace them with the sweetness of Your fruit. Cleanse me. Renew a right spirit in me. Reveal truth and let it cancel out the world’s falsehood.  

Holy Spirit, fall fresh on me. Set my heart on fire to share the gospel, live by the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, and keep in step with the Spirit—both offline and online. 

Draw my lost loved ones to Jesus for salvation. Open their spiritually blind eyes to the gospel. And help me water where seeds are planted or plant where no seed is sown in my community and any place I am called to go.

E – Equip for warfare

Jesus, thank You for not only coming to give me eternal life, but to also gift me with abundant life. A life the enemy wants to destroy and steal from me. 

Let resurrection power rise up in me to recognize the schemes of the devil. Since You stand as Victor, the victory belongs to me and overcomes the deception of the evil one. 

Grow me into Your image, Christ, so I display your mercy, love, and grace. Most of all, help me to dress daily in the armor of God. Then, the fiery darts of the enemy fail to adversely affect my heart, mind, relationships, and perspective. Even those I disagree with or who are different than me.

R – Remember what God has done: Key Areas 

Lord, help me remember Your great works. Assure me that You work behind the scenes on my behalf even when it appears nothing good is happening. Although my circumstances don’t change, let me see Your footprints—how goodness and mercy always follow me. 

And, Lord, help me recognize Your handprints, still visible from yesterday as they continue into tomorrow and every tomorrow. Touch my spirit, mind, soul, and body. God, touch me and make me whole. Lord, touch those with Covid-19 and those suffering from great loss with Your healing power.

6 Key Areas of Prayer for Christians

Remind me, Lord, how You moved mountains, parted seas, sent mana from heaven, faithfully led Your people in the wilderness, and always provided. And help me remember You’ll do it again for me. Your faithfulness is past, present, and future tense. 

Lord, You were God in the beginning and You will be God in the end. Help me let You continue to be God in my life. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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