4 Ways to Get a Promotion in 2012

While the jury is still out on whether or not the job market will get better in 2012, there is still room for improvement for those that still have jobs.  Promotions are always within reach, but certain steps can be taken to improve your chances.

1. Focus on Achievements – In order to get a promotion, you have to show that you provide added value to the company you work for.  One way to do that is show to show the things that you have achieved at your current position.  Most management teams react well to numbers, so using terms like “sales doubled” or “we increased production and sales by a certain percentage” really looks good and helps your chances.

2. Ask for More – Another way that your boss will see that you are ready for a promotion is to ask for more tasks and responsibilities at your company.  Do not wait until you are asked to do more, but volunteer for more duties to show your work ethic and initiative.  Now, once you have extra responsibilities, you still have to be able to show that you complete the work with quality.

3. Up your skills – A good way to show that you are ready for a promotion is to invest in yourself.  Professional development and training not only can help you get a promotion in the short-term, but it may open doors for more promotions or a better job latter on down the road.  Always look into skills that will enhance your abilities for the job you want.  If you have a skill that is not available at the position you want, this gives you a great opportunity to show your value.

4. Be patient – The hardest thing to do in the entire job process is to be patient.  Whether it is waiting on the call for your first job or the promotion that you think you have earned, it is very difficult to stay patient.  2012 is still cloudy in regards to jobs, so your company may not be in a position to promote right now.  That doesn’t mean that you still can’t do a great job at your current position and pave the way for increased responsibilities and higher positions in the future.


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