Dear God,

Where do we turn when the world goes mad?

Go back to what you know.

Why is truth so distorted and sad?

Remember? I told you so.

Is anger now our only choice?

No. I promised peace. Just come.

I’m not sure how to use my voice.

Love will be your anthem.

People say we made it worse.

They say the same about Me.

They accuse of hatred and a curse.

Just keep loving, so they may truly see.

Sometimes I wonder if You mourn.

The battle rages between wrong and right.

Is Your heart broken, shattered and torn?

Every day, but it’s always worth the fight.

Aren’t You ever shocked at headlines?

No. Brokenness brings the loudest screams.

Churches are closed, dimming your light.

Darkness. That’s always it’s theme.

Do we panic? Do we fear?

Aren’t you My soldier, trained by faith?

Where on earth do we go from here?

Didn’t I promise to show the way?

Life feels like a constant tug of war.

Aren’t you tired of the shame?

Do we retreat or advance forward?

Lift your head and say My name.

Distance separates us from family and friends.

Give them to Me; let Me in.

Is this Good vs. Evil? How does it end?

Love Me. I am the beginning and the end.

Janet Morris Grimes

Janet Morris Grimes may not have realized she was a writer at the time, but her earliest childhood memories were spent creating fairy-tale stories of the father she never knew. That desire to connect with the mysterious man in a treasured photograph gave her a deep love for the endless possibilities of a healing and everlasting story. A wife of one, mother of three, and Tootsie to four, Janet currently writes from her quiet two-acre corner of the world near Elizabethtown, KY. She has spent the last few years preparing to introduce her novels and children’s stories to the world. Her debut novel, Solomon's Porch, was released in August of '21 and is now available on Amazon. For additional information on Janet, visit her website at http://janetmorrisgrimes.com.

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